Meet our beautiful environment
  • Waterfall KRAVICE - The fantastic natural phenomena

    Like Niagara waterfalls, is the biggest waterfall in Herzegovina. It is place that should be visited. The flow of the Trebizat spreds in few waterfalls interwoven by sand sediment. The water flows over the height of 30 meters and it is arranged by semicircle whose width is 150 meters. During summer heatr in Herzegovina this place is ideal one for vacation and recreation.

  • Medjugorje

    Medjugorje - Once small and poor place, today oasis of peace and religion. Six children from this small village located in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina reported a series of visions of Our Lady that began on 24 June 1981 and still continue today. The St. James’s Church is the central place of worship in Medjugorje and its outside altar, built to hold large celebrations and festivals, can accommodate over five thousand people. The Apparition Hill, site of the first apparitions, is climbed by most pilgrims. Along the path, a wooden cross marks the site where the Virgin made the first call to peace.

  • Stolac

    Throughout its long history, Stolac has been an outstandingly cultured town. No other town in Bosnia and Herzegovina has produced such a rich array of intellectuals, artists, poets and leaders. Strolling through Stolac to the sound of the rushing Bregava and the many songbirds, it is easy to imagine the inspiration felt by its many generations of extraordinary personalities.